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A powerful eLearning course creation tool

Create quality digital learning for medium and large workplaces. Empower your team to deliver the best courses possible.

Create beautiful, branded courses, faster than ever before

Course creation has never been easier

Forget the days of hiring an authoring tool expert just to create your courses. Deliver better training sooner, with HowToo’s intuitive, AI-enabled platform.

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Engage your learners

Choose from a wide range of interactive questions and elements.

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Visualize your storyboard

Get a birds-eye view of your courses with our unique, drag-and-drop storyboarding tool.

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Offer seamless experiences

Easily customize your courses with logos and colors for beautifully branded training.

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Get the input that matters

Share your courses with key stakeholders and gather feedback with review links.

Deliver every course with confidence

Put your training in safe hands

Leave tedious triple-checking behind and focus on creating, with an authoring tool built on science-backed learning principles and WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility standards.

Connect to the full power of LMS publishing and reporting

Get the data you need
HowToo fits effortlessly into your existing systems, or HowToo’s own LMS, HowTooHub. With complete LMS compatibility, you can track the information you need to analyze your results and meet your goals.
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Automate powerful assessments

Accurately test learners with automatic scoring and assessment pools. Learn more

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Publish your way

With SCORM and xAPI publishing, you can share your courses to any LMS or LXP. Learn more

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Tailor your tracking

Track learners' progress with customizable completion goals and pass benchmarks.

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Share quickly

No tracking needed? Share courses via URLs for simple, web-based viewing, with adjustable expiry dates.


How does it work?

Our Creator plan is all about putting the power back in your team’s hands to create incredible training courses, faster and more effectively than ever before. That’s why it’s just $90/month per creator - that is, per person creating courses on your team.

Per user per month

Growing library of course templates

200+ pre-built interactive blocks

Built-in WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility checker

Royalty-free media library

Publish your way, via our LMS or your own

One-click publishing to SCORM, xAPI and URLs

Share courses for review with non-licensed users

3 free ready-to-go courses

Creator plan isn’t for you?

Explore HowToo Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

No! HowToo allows you to publish your courses to URLs, or SCORM and xAPI packages at no additional cost. Then, share your URL or upload your SCORM or xAPI package to your Learning Management System (LMS) to distribute to as many people as you need.
Okay, we’ll admit this one might be a little confusing. Our Creator plan is named after the users it’s designed for - creators! If you’re creating eLearning courses, then you’re a creator, and the Creator plan could be the perfect plan for you.

The HowToo Creator plan allows creators to develop and publish stunning eLearning courses, however, to distribute your courses to learners and gather data on their progress and responses, you will need a Learning Management System.

Learning Management Systems are sophisticated platforms for hosting and managing large numbers of learners and courses. LMSs offer the high-level functionality and in-depth reporting required by most large businesses. Because of their powerful capabilities, they can require strategic investment.

If tracking and reporting capabilities are not a priority for your organization, you may like to consider HowToo Growth, which offers a distribution platform with entry-level reporting features. Alternatively, you may like to share your courses on a HowToo Creator via URLs, however, these do not provide any tracking or reporting capabilities.

If the HowToo Creator plan sounds perfect for your business, but you don’t yet have an LMS, you may like to consider HowTooHub. HowTooHub is the perfect stepping stone for growing businesses looking to distribute learning to 100 or more learners, and can be custom tailored for your organization. Start a conversation with our team to learn more.
Yes. For an additional per-learner cost, internal platform distribution can be added to HowToo Creator plans. As well as SCORM and xAPI publishing, this allows admins to distribute courses to learners without an LMS. When distributed, a course can be accessed and completed by learners on the HowToo platform with individual learner dashboards.